Google Calendar <> Roster sync is live
We've released Google Calendar integration for your Rosters. Now, connect your google account to your RosterBird account, configure sync for your Roster and get your assignees synced!
Sync will happen everyday and by default it will sync the next 30 days.
Changes in notification channel
We have changed how you can configure notification channels for your Rosters. Going forward, you need to add the @RosterBird bot to any channels you want to configure for your rosters.
This is to simplify your Roster setups and bring more transparency. Also this will allow us to build more integrations with the channels beyond notifications. We recently rolled out Channel topics and we have similar features in the works.
Your existing rosters / channel integrations will continue as it is, you do not have to change anything.
Please write to us if you have any questions or issues!
RosterBird can now set the channel topic for you! and some improvements.
Channel topic update is released and now you can turn it on for your rosters and RosterBird will automatically set the topic for the configured channels with the present assignee.
Topic will be updated daily. We've also made some improvements for our Google sync and User group sync to optimize it further.
Head on to your Roster and turn "Update channel topic" to enable the feature.
Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 11
Customize Roster colors 🌈
Make your rosters more distinguishable by setting custom colors. This color will be used in all the aggregate views to represent the roster.
🕹️ You can now create schedules on-demand!
With the recent release, you can now create your own schedule on date of your preference with the assignee of your choice! This gives yet more control over to you as a Roster owner on how you want to the schedule to be structured.
Create schedule will complement the previously released Edit & Delete schedule to convert your Roster calendar into a canvas of your choice.
Some notes:
* You can create a schedule on any of the regular days in future where Roster is configured to generate an assignment or completely out of the schedule.
* You cannot create schedule on a date where an assignment already exists. You can instead update the assignee.
* Manual schedule takes precedence over auto-generated assignment. So if the system encounters a conflict, it will not assign the auto-generated assignee on that day and goes to the next assignee.
Changes to how quantity update is billed
We have made changes to our billing system to update the new quantity for your plans once a day instead of immediate.
Previously, when you add / remove members from your Organization there will be an immediate bill and an associated invoice. This causes unnecessary noise when you are cleaning up / organizing your members in RosterBird.
For example, if you add 3 members & remove 2 members, you would end up with 2 invoices, one for the addition and a $0 invoice for the removals.
Now, we will update the quantity once a day everyday only if there was any changes in seats made that day. So in the example above you would have only one invoice for 1 new seat.
Roster Group has calendar view now 🗓️
You can now view all the assignments across all the rosters in a Roster Group from a single page.
Calendar view in the roster group will display all the upcoming & past assignments of the rosters that are part of the group.
You can also edit / delete assignee from that page itself.
Fixes for Roster first schedule date
You can select your preferred Start date for your schedules when you first create a Roster. Previously, this date will only used during the first generation of schedules, but on subsequent changes (for example, to squad or interval) the schedules were generated immediately.
We have now fixed it to always start from the configured Schedule Start date for the first Schedule of a Roster.
You can now delete schedules 🚮
Don't want certain dates to have any assignments? You can skip them now with Delete schedule"
With the new release, you can now delete schedules per your choice.
Click on any of the assignment and select delete. You can also delete entire cycle for multi-day rosters.
* Once deleted, the schedule cannot be created individually.
* When you Reset schedules, the deleted dates will be generated again.
* Only Roster owners, Team admins and Organization admins and above will be able to delete schedules.
Demo time 👀
Feedback welcome!
Custom notification days 🗓️
You can now select custom days for notifications for your multi-day rosters. Select "Custom" under "Notify on" in the Roster form and choose the days you want RosterBird to send notifications on.
For example, you can send a reminder of a monthly roster's assignee every week on Monday.
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